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Propane Delivery Made Easy

To you, good service may mean a full L.P. tank at all times, a driver who is willing to make deliveries after hours, or a courteous voice on the phone. To us that's just a normal day at the office.

We have several delivery routes to service our customers propane needs. We can deliver to your home or business whether its one tank or many. We also have delivery available for your smaller tanks such as bbqs and RV'S.

We have been delivering propane since 1966. Since that time we have grown to service all of Pacific, Wahkiakum Counties and the north Oregon coast. If you would like to start enjoying the benefits of using propane please call or email us today.

Propane Delivery

With our multiple facilities:

  • We always have our own supply. In the unlikely event of a supply interruption, you’ll continue to be fueled.
  • Delivery is always prompt and economical because we’re right nearby.

Here’s what we can do if you rent your propane tank:

  • We’ll contact your current provider to inform them of your switch.
  • We’ll arrange for a new tank delivery to your home.
  • We’ll disconnect your old tank, install the new one, inspect it and perform a leak test.
propane delivery

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If you need a reliable propane home delivery company call us at Active Enterprises Inc.!
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