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Welcome to Active Enterprises Inc
We specialize in Propane Delivery.

We strive to deliver quality propane gas and service, appliance and propane fuel delivery, system repair and installation services for your home or business in a safe and efficient manner.

Call us today for a free service estimate or next delivery: 360-642-2102.

Why choose Us?


We provide superior response time for deliveries and servicing. Place your order online to fill your tank or request service…


Why choose Us?


We deliver fuel for use in Residential Homes, RVs, Hot Air Balloons, Fleet Vehicles, Nursing Homes, Educational and Government Institutions, Forklifts, Restaurants and so much more!


Why choose Us?


Eco-friendly propane can be used in existing home heating systems and does not require any expensive conversion equipment.


Propane Liquid Gas Safety
Safety is our Highest Priority!

We are a full-service propane company serving residential and commercial clients in the area.

We offer a wide range of propane services as well as new propane tanks and delivery systems for both residential and commercial builds, propane kitchen and laundry appliances and heating fixtures, and propane powered generators.

Signup for service and order fuel online. We are pre-launching our new online customer portal and online ordering and servicing system. Signup Now!

Get fueled like never before. Active Enterprises Inc. launches an all-new industry blog, dedicated to talking propane.

Active Enterprises Inc. offers safety tips, products, services and scheduling capabilities on our website.

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Pacific County's first Propane Gas company, Active Enterprises Inc. began as a franchise of Petrolane, which was the nation's largest propane distributor at the time. A native entrepreneur and businessman on the peninsula started delivering propane at the site of the current office in 1966 and it has been a family-owned business ever since.

From our family to yours, we at Active Enterprises are committed to providing safe, clean, and affordable fuel to our community.

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